Free Pablo Hasél

Last 16th of february, the rapper Pablo hasel was arrested and imprisoned after being accused of glorifying terrorism. as a result, hundreds of people demonstrated in the city of Barcelona, causing harsh confrontations with the police.

The refugee emergency

Since 2015 Lesbos has been one of the main entry points to Europe for thousands of people leaving their own countries pursuing a better life. The majority of them have to live secluded in camps with poor health conditions, huge security problems almost no access to water.

Catalan Revolution

In the first days of October 2019, Spain's highest court sentenced Catalan pro-independence leaders for sedition and embezzlement. In the days that followed, Barcelona experienced a series of mass demonstrations in which the police intervened in a very harsh manner, causing serious injuries.

Debt crisis

In 2008 Europe was plunged into one of the most severe financial crises in history. Due to the European economic model and its structural deficiencies, the Greek economy suffered the longest recession of all advanced capitalist economies to date, surpassing the US Great Depression. Taxes rose and so did social exclusion, triggering in 2011 a series of protests and strikes in the city of Athens.